Unique Corporate Gifts
that people use 24/7 & costs under $30

Why CoBand fitness watch makes for great business gift?

People will use your custom-made CoBand fitness tracker watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Smart phone companion. Stay informed without taking out the phone. Read text message and Facebook message, check time, phone notifications, incoming call and more.
  • Fitness tracker. Can be used alone or with the accompanying smart phone app. Tracks your steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned.
  • Health monitor. Heart rate monitor. Sleep quality monitor (awake/deep sleep/light sleep). Sedentary reminder.
What does your custom-made fitness tracker look like?

The trackers can come with custom imprints, logo, packaging and even your own smartphone app!

Need more info, quote or a sample?

Please email moe@imcotechnology.com or call (U.S.) customer supportĀ 669-213-7089.