CoWatch 1.1.2 Software Release – October 26, 2016

Software release 1.1.2 for the CoWatch (powered by Cronologics) includes a set of bug fixes and new features including a redesigned step counter and improved support for replying to Android notifications. An update to the CoWatch Companion application on iOS and Android are also available. A summary of the changes are below.
We really appreciate your time and support so please keep the feedback and input coming!  We are planning on a few more releases this year so please send your feature requests and bug reports to so we can tackle the most important issues. Look for improvements to Bluetooth connectivity and tethering in the near future.


* Step Count Container:
   a) Step Counter now tracks steps more reliably
   b) New health graph so you can track your step progress over the week
   c) Fixed step count resetting when you reboot the watch
   d) Step counter resets at midnight as expected
* Quick reply to Android notifications:
   a) Reply with emojis! (more emojis coming soon!)
   b) Reply with a set of preset common replies (e.g “Call you in a bit”)
   c) Reply using your voice powered by Houndify.  Updated UI for speech to text dialog and chance to confirm the message before sending (requires WiFi or tethering)
* Five new watch faces! Reveries, Peaceful, Bigman Blue, Bigman Purple, Purple Dream
* Ambient brightness is now changed when active mode brightness is changed
* Lowered the default timeout to ambient mode on the watch face
* Internet Settings now shows the status of WiFi and Bluetooth Tethering together
* Text color changed to white for better readability on step counter / calendar container
* iOS notifications:
   a) Now being sent to the watch with full text and scrollable
   b) Fixed issue where notifications would be sent to the CoWatch even if they had already been seen
* Improved accuracy of alternative Time Zone Container in the embedded view
* Fixed an issue where weather was not syncing with some Android phones
* Fixed an issue where certain flash briefings from Alexa were not playing correctly
* Full screen activities such as Settings do not become the watch face after being launched with the physical button
* More complete translations for Spanish / Mandarin


* Addition of a CoWatch section in settings, allows for managing of Cronologics accounts and IFTTT
* Addition of a Quick Replies configuration to change the quick replies to notifications on the CoWatch
* Android Companion no longer sends over unnecessary music notifications


* Updated action item text
* Fixed a crash when weather service returned NULL data
* Fixed a crash when removing action items
* Fixed issue that resulted in an undesired unpair
* Better sizing of text labels on narrow screens
* External calendar updates are now sent to the CoWatch and changes to calendar events come to the watch faster
* iOS Companion now points to IFTTT app if installed instead of website

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