CoWatch Software Release – November 10, 2016

Software release 1.1.3 for the CoWatch (powered by Cronologics) includes bug fixes, a redesigned Bluetooth tethering flow, and UI improvements. An update to the CoWatch Companion application on iOS and Android are also available. Please update your Companion apps in the App Store and Google Play Store as there are important crashes that are fixed in the newer versions . A summary of the changes are below.

Your continued feedback allows us to provide the most important features and bug fixes in earlier releases so please let us know what is working and what can be improved at

CoWatch 1.1.3 Release Notes (Build 720.signed):

  • New watchface – “Waiting!”
  • Refreshed Quick Settings drawer:
    • Swipe up from the bottom of the watch face, and you will see fresh icons in your Quick Settings drawer
    • Quick settings has been reordered to put the most important shortcuts front and center
    • Airplane mode is now available in the full settings and display brightness is available in Quick Settings
  • Improved Bluetooth Tethering setup and Internet Connection management:
    • Improved the on watch experience of Alexa, Houndify, and System update not having a connection to the internet. The applications recognize a lack of internet faster and there is prompt to establish an internet connection.
    • Bluetooth tethering is now more reliable and is faster to setup when there is no internet connection
    • In the internet connection quick setting, you can now turn Bluetooth tethering on or off directly. If turned on, Bluetooth tethering will stay active until it is manually turned off
  • Improved Notification Drawer:
    • Fixed an issue where the notification drawer would crash the system due to low memory
    • Notification actions are clearer and more consistent
    • Full screen notifications are now round and are easier to swipe
  • Various bugs fixed:
    • Fixed issue where watch face sometimes did not refresh the first time in ambient after having just been selected
    • Alexa and Houndify now handle lack of internet more gracefully and is less likely to be stucking in “processing”

CoWatch Android Companion (1.0.132):

  • WeChat notifications now supported on Android
  • Cronologics account now branded properly in settings
  • Fixed common crashes

CoWatch iOS Companion (2.0.5 v81):

  • Updated the cards on the My Watch screen to display when critical permissions are not enabled
  • Fixed common issues with Calendar sync on iPhone
  • Bluetooth Tethering no longer offered in the setup flow
  • Navigation requests from calendar events from the watch are handled more accurately
  • IFTTT setup is now more clear and straightforward
  • Other crash fixes

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