P1 Power Sports Watch with Built-In GPS
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Built-In GPS
The P1 built-in GPS has a 3-meter accuracy, and can reliably track your running, hiking, cycling data. Your speed and pace data are synced to phone app for review and analysis.

Auto Sports Management 
Seven running modes. 11 types of sports. Automatically recognize active sports type such as running or cycling, and record real-time data such as heart rate, duration, distance, etc.

Color Screen with Auto Brightness
1.3” color touch screen features excellent image quality. The on-board light sensor analyzes the amount of illumination being provided by ambient light sources, and automatically adjusts the screen brightness.

ECG Monitoring
Indicates fatigue level and state of recovery. ECG (electrocardiogram) monitoring can record changes in bio-electrical signals of the heart.

Heart Rate Monitoring
During workouts, you can check real-time heart rate to adjust exercise intensity for different “zones” – Fat Burn, Cardio, Peak.

Various Phone Notifications
Read incoming text, Facebook messages, Wechat/QQ messages; set alarms and sedentary alert; check incoming phone number or caller ID; receive social media activity notifications.

Rich Features
Stopwatch. Timer. Variety of watch faces. Easy camera. Do not disturb.

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