Meet iMCO WatchFormerly Known as CoWatch, World's 1st Alexa Smart Watch

Alexa on the Wrist

World's 1st Amazon Alexa-enabled smartwatch, iMCO Watch is a talking assistant on your wrist. And yes, Alexa works in U.S. and in other countries as well.

Stylish and Luxury

iMCO Watch owners tell us the watch gets them lots of compliments, thanks to round design, changeable faces, stainless steel case and luxury feel.

Notifications and Apps

Notifications on your wrist while keeping your phone in the pocket. An arsenal of apps right out-of-the-box.

imco watch cowatch

Productivity in Style

Notifications: Text, email, calendar, sport update, game score, phone app notification and more. Apps: Speed dial, IFTTT, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Weather, Calendar, Alarm, Timer, Music, Flashlight and more.

Alexa Voice Assistant

Text Message

Step Tracker

Music Control

Heart Rate Monitor

Alarm Reminder

iMCO Watch Feature List

Custom-Made Ceramic Ring

Customize your CoWatch with a custom-made ceramic ring that reflects your style and personality.

Choice of Colors and More

iMCO Watch comes in black and silver colors. You can also choose from a range of accessories: ceramic rings, mobile charger, variety of bands and more.

Video: Why we created iMCO Watch?

“[CoWatch] boasts enough power and a low enough price to make any competitor sit up and take notice.” — James Stables, WAREABLE

“[CoWatch] and Chronologics OS have shown me just enough to think they might be on to something.” — Lauren Goode, THE VERGE

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