i6 HRC: Stylish Fitness Tracker with Color Screen
full color | HD quality | auto brightness

Life is all about color and fun

IPS HD Full Color Screen
i6 HRC touch screen features IPS LCD, high contrast, full color range, and excellent HD image quality.

Smart Light Sensor Technology
i6 HRC on-board light sensor analyzes the amount of illumination being provided by ambient light sources, and automatically adjusts the screen brightness.

Stylish Strap Design
The flexible and durable dual-color strap adds a stylish touch to i6 HRC smart bracelet and is also comfortable to wear.

Track Your Workouts
Monitor your daily workout data including heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and activity time.

Vibration Notifications and Alarms
Pair the fitness tracker with the smart phone App, you can read incoming text, Facebook messages, Wechat/QQ messages, and set alarms and sedentary alert. You can also read incoming phone number or caller ID.

Monitor Your Sleep Quality
The fitness tracker automatically monitors how long and how well you sleep at night: duration of deep sleep and light sleep, and times that you are awake.

Long Battery Life
The touch display comes on with a tap on the screen or when you lift your arm. Battery lasts up to 10 days.

Explore more band features in the accompanying smartphone app: iWOWNfit Pro (both iPhone & Android versions), the App is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, LG, and other Android phones.

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