Promotional, Custom or Private Label Fitness Tracker
by iMCO, U.S.-based maker of world’s 1st Amazon Alexa watch

Why choose CoBand fitness trackers?
  • Smart phone companion. Stay informed without taking out the phone. Read text message and Facebook message, check time, phone notifications, incoming call and more.
  • Fitness tracker. Can be used alone or with the accompanying smart phone app. Tracks your steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned.
  • Health monitor. Heart rate monitor. Sleep quality monitor (awake/deep sleep/light sleep). Sedentary reminder.
What does your custom fitness tracker look like?

The trackers can come with custom imprints, logo, packaging and even your own smartphone app!

For private label solutions, we offer generic packaging with branded stickers.

Need more info, quote or a sample?

We offer discounts for volume orders. For more information, please email our marketing staff