CoWatch User Experience

[By Acefone from USA on October 14, 2016 from Amazon customer review]: Loving my CoWatch!
First I want to say that I purchased this watch and this is a real review. So many times when I’m trying to decide on a purchase on here I see that the item was either provided free or at a discount. Not the case here. Okay, so now let’s get into it. I have been “collecting” smartwatches since the first Pebble came out. I have many different kinds of smartwatches and am quite familiar what they are and are not capable of. We are at a point now where the market is getting saturated with smartwatches so there’s really got to be something that makes one stand out among the crowd and CoWatch does exactly that.
To my knowledge CoWatch is the first and only smartwatch to have integration with Amazon’s AI device, “Echo”, aka “Alexa”. I was an early adopter of the Echo so I know a thing or two about it. I love the CoWatch integration of Alexa. The presentation of the watch is top notch. It’s quite clear that a lot of thought went into the packaging. You can tell before you even unbox it that you are dealing with a premium product. It’s a really nice looking time piece that exudes fine craftmanship. Though it looks a bit large it is extremely light and comfortable on the wrist. For those that have written negative reviews it’s important to know that like many products you must have a good internet connection or Bluetooth tether to your phone. So negative reviews of the watch when you have a weak internet connection aren’t really fair. I am using it with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and have had no connectivity issues whatsoever.
The Alexa integration is not just a novelty. Since I do use Alexa with my WeMo home automation products I find myself utilizing the CoWatch Alexa feature quite often. There are also numerous watch faces to choose from that are likely to suit most tastes. Since the product receives regular updates I believe there are plans to continue to add to the watch face arsenal. I should also point out that it comes with a tempered glass screen protector that is basically invisible once applied. The band (I got the silver) is also top notch and quite easy to adjust with the provided tool.
No matter how good a product is it isn’t worth much if there’s no quality customer service. This is yet another area where the CoWatch team excels. Any questions I had were met with a friendly and timely response. This is very refreshing since you don’t see this level of support all that much these days.
I highly recommend the CoWatch. It’s a very classy looking and highly functional timepiece with a company that is there for you even after purchase.

[By Claudio Enrico Campani from Italy on October 8, 2016 from Amazon customer review]: CoWatch is cool!!
CoWatch, to me, is currently one of the best smartwatches on the market. I’m using it since two weeks and I haven’t found any weak point so far.
Materials used are very good : stainless steel, ceramic and temperd glass. Build quality is awesome. I’ve ordered mine in silver with steel strap, plus a greay leather one and a portable charging dock. As Indiegogo backer I’ve also received a glass screen protector, that fit perfectly the CoWatch display. The display is a good AMOLED with an incredible view angle : someone reported that under very bright sunlight it can be difficult to read the display even at maximum brightness. To be honest I haven’t had this problem so far with mine, but all AMOLED display can have this “problem” no matter if it is the one of your CoWatch or the one of your smartphone.
Software side : CoWatch is based on CronologicsOS a modifiedversion of Android 5.1 and so it is not Android Wear and to me this is a strong point. Android do not suffer from sync problems with devices that are not Android based like Android Wear instead. Why this? Because I’m an iPhone user (iPhone 6 Plus) and CoWatch and iPhone works perfectly toghether. Also the companion app is fine and allow you for example to manage the notifications that must be sent to the watch or not (and the smae can be done also from the watch itself) or manage the display brightness.
There are already several watch faces to choose and some of them are pretty nice. Strong point is Alexa integration, this is the first smartwatch ever that integrate the Amazon vocal assistant, but unfortunately this service is not yet available in my Country, but I’m sure it will be soon. Last but not least, CoWatch integrate IFTTT software (IF This Than That) that allow you automate process based on conditions and locations.
The watch OS is in continuous evolution and the support is very cool 🙂

[By BoozeLover from USA on October 6, 2016 from Amazon customer review]: Not a watch guy, an iOS user- and I really like it
I purchased this watch via the Indiegogo campaign. I have been using it about 2 weeks or so, thus my review is somewhat limited in terms of time, but I will update if needed.
Rationale for Purchase:
Although I am not really a watch guy, I have been wanting to get a smart watch for some time just becasue I was interested in the technology. I looked at Apple Watch, and although I use an iPhone- Apple’s watch’s price mixed with its reviews/specs were outside of what I was willing to pay to enter into an early technology.
I also liked very much the round face as opposed a square- it just looks more natural. I know that there are some other models are round, but everything I saw about this watch was very androgynous and would play as well with iOS as it does with Android.
Look & Feel:
For me- first and foremost this is a watch. As I said, I like it because it looks like a watch, and it also acts like a watch. That is, I really like that it can last me the whole day and some keeping the watch on the “always-on” display which gives a faded version of the watch face. that is on at all times. I prefer the black faces to the other ones, and I actually wish there were more options there- but hopefully that will come in the future.
The metal band is simple, functional, and easy to adjust. It looks good. In my package it also came with another more elegant suede band that totally changes the look of the watch to make it much more elegant. It is easy to change the bands. I purchased a 12mm black bracelet that fits, but the spring bars would be a royal pain to install, so I didn’t fuss with it. That would something I would like to see.
Overall: It is a pleasure to wear, and I have gotten plenty of compliments (most people being surprised that it is a smart watch).
Everything is easy to get to and responsive. What is offered is the basics- but it is basically what you need. I am not the type of guy that is going to send someone an animation of my heartbeat, nor am I going to ever want to play a game on my watch. The heartbeat monitor is cool, but it only runs when you initiate so this is not a sports watch. Its more of a gimmick. The Alexa feature is cool, and as an Echo owner, I can say it is getting cooler every day, but it is not something that I think I would use that often- too Michael Knight for me. I have not used the music controls yet, but I could see that being useful. That step counter is there, and it is ok to see, but again it feels a bit gimmicky for now as I have not seen a way to download or track the data. As for the notifications, it works just great- and really the notifications is the feature I was really looking for. You can choose very easily what notifications show up and they include the logo of the app as well so it makes it easy go through it. The system itself is a little simplistic compared to some of the others, however it really does exactly what it needs to.
All in all, it is a beautiful well made product, and I am very happy with what I use it for. I think there is plenty of room for improvement, but for a young technology I think this is a viable option for anyone interested in getting it. If you want a smart watch, but not look like you have a smart watch, this is the one for you.

[By Amazon Customer on September 28, 2016 from Amazon customer review]: My first SmartWatch
This is my first smartwatch, and with the price tags really love having it.
Love the look and feels of the watch. I have a smal wrist , and was a bit worried the watch will be to big on my wrist, but it just fit nicely on my wrist. The watch has a decent weight to it that makes it feel like it is a quality product. The battery life is quite good , runs the entire day and still have extra juices until the next day. Love how easy it is to change straps.
The software is still in its infancy, but it keep improving on every updates. I paired the watch with my android phone and received my notification on it. It is quite different from the other android smartwatch, the apps are located in what they call container from where you can launch the app. With the specs the watch has the apps are pretty responsive. Really hoping more integration with android apps, like google fit for the step counter and the heart rate monitor. Really looking forward on more software updates.
Customer support have been great, they are very responsive to any question or issues faced by the early backers.
Final impressions:
Really love the watch. Great hardware and loves how the software keep improving in every software updates.