Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Shower & Swimming
tested working after 1 hour in water

iMCO X1S – by maker of world’s 1st Amazon Alexa smartwatch

For only $29.99, X1S is good for shower & swimming (up to 32 feet waterproof and 1 hour underwater) and has a rich feature set:

Smart Phone Companion:
  • Message: Display incoming email, text message, Facebook message in a scrolling format
  • Smartphone Notifications: Receive vibration notification for incoming emails, messages and activities from your social media Apps
  • Phone Call: Vibration notification for incoming phone calls with phone number or caller ID.
  • Alarm Clock: Wake up or remind you with vibrations at preset time
Fitness Tracker:
  • Pedometer tracks steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned.
  • Can be used alone or with the accompanying smart phone App
  • Access historical data on smart phone app.
  • Waterproof up to 32 feet. Good for shower and swimming.
Health Monitor:
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Real-time continuous measurement. Onetime measurement in 60 seconds. Optional automatic measurement at preset intervals
  • Sleep Monitoring: Track the times that you are asleep or awake, and analyze your sleep quality (deep or light sleep)
  • Sedentary reminder: Alert you of prolonged inactivity
Additional Features:
  • Direct USB charging, no need for separate charging cable
  • Free smart phone iOS & Android app with regular updates
  • Up to 7-day battery life
  • 0.87″ OLED tap display
  • Horizontal or vertical display
  • Remote camera control. Turn your wrist (while wearing the tracker) to operate your smart phone and take a picture

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“I think it is far better due to the larger screen than other equivalent fitness band I have used over the last 18 months.”
– Justin Germino, tech reviewer at dragonblogger.com. April 2018

Heart rate readings on X1S and on medical-grade fingertip oximeter fluctuate almost in tandem.
(smaller fonts on right side of oximeter display is heart rate reading)

About iMCO Technology

Based in California, USA, iMCO Technology Inc. is maker of iMCO Watch, world’s 1st Amazon Alexa smart watch, which raised USD $300,000 in a successful crowdfunding campaign, and received extensive media coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does it measure heart rate?
A: To put it in a simple way, on the back of the tracker there is a sensor that beams a green light onto the wrist skin, and measures the reflections for tiny fluctuations that are caused by or associated with heart beats. This is the typical heart rate monitoring mechanism of fitness trackers on the market.

Q: How come it records steps while the I am sitting on the couch not walking?
A: The step tracking is typical where it measures arm swings while walking, so you can have inaccuracy if you are animated and move your arms a lot when stationary.

Q: I forgot it at home for a weekend trip and when I got back, it has trouble connecting to the phone. Any idea?
A: The phone and tracker may disconnect if they are separate far away from each other for extended period of time. This is a feature (or you may call it a bug) of the Bluetooth protocol. If you are away from your car for a few moments without turning off the engine, you may also find your phone disconnected from the car audio system when you get back into the car. To reconnect the phone and the fitness tracker, please try powering the phone off then on, the phone may automatically reconnect to the tracker. If that doesn’t work, please contact our support for a quick reconnection guide.

Q: What usb port do I need for this….mine in my apple notebook doesn’t work, it doesn’t fit.
A: Please try flipping the tracker upside down, and then insert into the USB port for charging.

Q: What OS version does the App require?
A: Android 4.4 and above. iOS 8.0 and above.

Q: Can I use the app on an iPad?
A: No; the app is not designed to work with iPad.