CoBand X1S – Best Budget Waterproof Fitness Tracker
with heart rate monitor & up to 32 feet waterproof

by iMCO, maker of world’s 1st Amazon Alexa smart watch
For only $29.99, iMCO CoBand X1S is good for shower & swimming, has 7-day battery life, direct USB charging (no need for charging cable), and a feature set comparable to Fitbit:
  • Activity Tracking: Track steps, distance, calories burned
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Real-time continuous measurement. One-time measurement in 60 seconds. Optional automatic measurement at preset intervals
  • Sleep Monitoring: Track the times that you are asleep or awake, and analyze your sleep quality (deep or light sleep)
  • Message: Display full incoming text message or Facebook message in a scrolling format for up to 15 seconds
  • Smartphone Notifications: Receive vibration notification for incoming emails, messages and activities from your social media Apps
  • Phone Call: Vibration notification for incoming phone calls with phone number or caller ID. Never miss a call while keeping your phone in the pocket
  • Alarm Clock: Wake you up by vibrations at preset time, without disturbing people around you
  • And More: Large OLED tap display + clock; Horizontal or vertical display; Choice of three colors; Sedentary reminder; Free iOS & Android app with regular updates
Our X1S fitness tracker gives you more for less. See how it compares to popular brands such as Fitbit Alta and Mi Band 2:

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